1. Great entertainer! I took my wife out for a dinner date and Michael topped up the evening in the best way possible, adding laughter and fascination to our dinner experience! We'll definitely come out to see him again along with some friends and family!
    Bobbi Lusic
  2. Michael connected with ALL of the kids! From the bold ones who thought that they knew how every trick was done (they didn't figure a single one out, but had a great time trying) to the most shy, who became part of the show, laughed and were amazed! On time, friendly and great at connecting with each kid. Michael got everyone involved in the show. They all had a wonderful time!
    Shelley Alvarado
  3. I really enjoy his incredible vegas-style animal acts which is rare in Vancouver. Michael is incredibly personable and humorous. His act will definitely entertain in all respects! Enjoyed persona and magic tricks! There is nothing like travelling down memory lane and witnessing magic in person! Thank you for the experience!
    Eddie Kim
  4. Michael did an awesome show at my daughters 6th birthday party! I would highly recommend him. We had around 25 kids at the party and everyone loved it!
    Andrew Littlejohn