"He is an entertainer and can entertain you at any event!"
Michael Dinero has officially put the "AWE" back in "AWESOME"!

This amazing local talent found his passion for magic back in high school, and for over 20 years, he's been impressing audiences of every age with his unique blend of comedy, mystery, and magic.  He will not only impress and mystify you with his ability to materialize, manipulate and dematerialize living and non-living objects, he will also captivate you with his hilarious and thought-provoking narration and banter! 

You'll never see the same show twice because Michael Dinero loves to gear each performance to the audiences before him and he really enjoys connecting with his spectators.  His passion for magic and entertainment is constantly fueling his development of new mind-baffling tricks and he's continually dreaming up funny and unique ways to enhance his performances.

Michael Dinero is passionate about his local community and has enjoyed performing at fundraisers, book signing events, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and schools, and he's even preformed for celebrities! 

Michael Dinero is a proud recipient of the Faces T.V. Commercial Award and the Faces West Stand-up Comedian Award.

Audiences have described Michael Dinero as, “VERY TALENTED" and "AMAZING!" 

His shows have attracted many positive reviews such as:
      "He did a fantastic job entertaining 50 kids!
         "We loved your magic show!  You were amazing!
             "Fantastic show.  Everyone enjoyed it.
                 "I've never seen a magic show like this in my life!"
And more!!!

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